Not that Georgia

What I like to call my sabbatical year has, unfortunately, come to an end. The year moved at a slower pace than usual, which was nice, and I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished much of what I haphazardly made up as I went along. Accomplishments include:

1)   Finishing my first mystery, then sending it out to agents, then rewriting half the book based on recommendations from an agent, and finally finishing it again (really, truly, forever this time…I think) and sending it off (again) for whatever will come;

2)   Nearly finishing my second mystery (only a few chapters left to polish—so much easier this time);

3)   Keeping my nephew healthy and intact, although I’ll admit his joyful and relentless pursuit of anything that might cause him grave bodily harm has left me truly confused about how our species manages to carry on, much less thrive;

4)   Learning how to meditate regularly so that I can better deal with long lines, bureaucracies, and all the charming people of the world.

So, to celebrate my achievements, and test out my newly acquired meditation skills, I’ve decided to treat myself to a winter holiday in a former Soviet state. More specifically, I may be leaving on Sunday for the country of Georgia–as in the little country on the Black Sea, not the countryside of the southern state of Georgia. I’ve learned to be specific about this.

I don’t have final clearance yet, but I do have a plane ticket in my name, so I thought I’d start my travel blog anyway (knock on wood). I’ll be in Georgia for three months working on an environmental education plan for a Georgian Ministry through a PCR assignment. I’ll be living in the capital, Tbilisi, and speaking mostly English, as I don’t actually know any Russian or Georgian. Truth is my current knowledge of Georgia comes primarily by way of a cursory scan of Wikipedia. However, I do have five days plus a 24-hour flight, which leaves plenty of time for cramming.

In case you’re wondering, Peace Corps Response is a program that allows returned PCVs to do short-term assignments (3 months to 1-year) overseas. Unlike PC, you apply to a specific position. So it’s a consulting project of sorts (my mother and my future resume prefer this description) but with PC level pay.

So stay tuned.

2 Comments on “Not that Georgia

  1. Hey Chica! Congratulation on your latest “Consulting Job”… heehee and all your achievements. I can only imagine the satisfaction that has brought you all these accomplishments. I admire your perseverance to finish this first book, which I’m sure will be a success. Best Wishes on your journey!
    Patti A.

  2. Edith, sounds like you’ve had a great year and your new adventure sounds very exciting. I look forward to hearing more!

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