Georgian Landscapes

Gergeti Trinity Church above Kazbegi, Caucasus near Russian border

Along the Military Highway, Caucasus mountains

Mount Kazbek, Caucasus mountains

Zhinvali Reservoir, Military Highway

Walkway to new Shuamta Church

Above the clouds, Gombori Mountain pass on route to Kakheti region

Borjomi Mineral Water Park

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

Babaneuri Nature Reserve in the distance

Outside Babaneuri Nature Reserve

Near Lake Bazaleti

8 Comments on “Georgian Landscapes

  1. Great landscape photos.
    Edith, it looks like your Georgia adventure has been a success!
    I hear you are getting out those travelling boots of your’s and shining them up nice and pretty to get ready for the next travel adventure.

    Are you REALLY going to Jordan? I have always wanted to see Petra. If you are, Im really envious. I know you will take some kick ass photos!

  2. Yeah, everything’s come together so nicely on this trip I’m waiting for the shoe to fall, but so far, all is good. We’re still sorting out the final travel dates, but looks like it will be Israel, Jordan then Egypt and definitely Petra too. (You wouldn’t happen to have any friends in Jordan would you, Ms. Social Butterfly?) I was going to do Turkey too but looks like that might not happen. But Turkey I will come back for one day.

    • Egypt too? Aw man, you are killing me with envy! (I never saw your replies before- guess I need to figure this blog thing out.)
      No, sorry I dont have any friends in Jordan or Egypt.
      Cant wait for your blogs tho!

      • Me to regarding the blogging. I thought if you were a subscriber it would send you a notice that I responded. Maybe I need to fix something on my end.

  3. So you didn’t extend? Love the photos, especially the horns on that sheep!

    • I’m negotiating on a job back in Portland, but I may not know the decision until my PC project here has ended so extension wasn’t going to work. Although they (Peace Corps) are being very flexible at the moment, so who knows? But I’ll give you all the details as soon as I’ve figured it out.

  4. Oh get to Turkey, and visit the site of the Ara Pacus (sp??) one of the to do things on my life long wish list – Although I understand that most of the high relief stuff is in a Berlin Museum.

    Love and have fun, and by the way you come from a long line of folks with wanderlust on maternal side also – most just did not have the where-with-all or opportunity, or were deterred by world events. Great Oma’s dream was to visit the Queen of England and told me from an early age that she wanted me to arrange it for her – sadly never made it – so adventure for all your ancestors who did not make it!

    PS Your writings are getting more “better” as your mother used to say, all the time

    Aunt Nancy

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