Things Change

I finished my PCR project on Thursday in a rush of activity and I think it all worked out well. I finished the environmental education program, a school-based Eco Club program and it will likely be funded. I also developed an environmental education strategy with recommendations for future training, projects and PCR is going to advertise for 5 new Response volunteers this summer to continue the process–so PC friends, if you want to head to Georgia for a few months over summer keep a look out. I was a little too busy towards the end, but that was mostly due to my tendency to procrastinated. Now that I’m on vacation I will try to blog, but I’m feeling a little lazy about it at the moment. My travel partner, however, appears to be a prolific blogger so you can always keep up with our travels through his blog.

We arrived in Tel Aviv on Thursday and it is lovely—perfect temperature (low 70s during the day), palm trees and trendy restaurants and bars and the best hummus I’ve ever had. I’m traveling with a current PCV in Georgia and he’s set up our stays through couch surfing, which has worked out very well so far. We’re saying with a Russian Jewish guy a block from the beach in a super cute neighborhood that reminds me of South Beach or San Diego. He’s currently cooking us breakfast, has taken us all around town and is hilarious, so this hospitality thing is clearly not limited to Georgia. Speaking of which, you can read a blog I did about that a few weeks ago for a friend’s blog here.

Our travel plan was to start in Israel, spend a week & a half here and then on to Jordan and Egypt, then I would fly out of Egypt on February 19th, but obviously that might not happen now. We’re watching the news so if it seems like Egypt is not an option, we’ll just come back to Tel Aviv and I’ll try to change my flight.

It always sucks when a revolution for democracy throws off your travel plans, but oh well.

4 Comments on “Things Change

  1. Edith, Safe travels to you. I hope you enjoy Israel as much as I had. I can truly say that Israel is one of the most amazing places I have visited. I even considered moving there.
    Tel Aviv is a very cosmopolitan city, you can find any kind of food you have ever wanted.

    If you get a chance, I would head to Jaffa, you can walk along the water to the walled city, Jaffa is the old biblical city where Jonah was from. It is so quaint and different from the modernness of Tel Aviv. There is a wonderful view of the city from this old sleepy village. You can also find lots of artist and local cafes with in it’s cobbled stone streets.

    I love Jerusalem more than Tel Aviv. The church of St. Peter has the original steps that date back to Jesus. Enjoy the vegetables they are so fresh. People are so fun and although it is a bit more religious it is still a world class city. The German colony has great vegan restaurants. Oh and visit the Jewish quarter in the old city, very peaceful and full families going about their life. It gives you a good sense of what every day life is like.

    If in Jordan, go to PETRA. The old city’s majesty will take your breath away. Amman is also very cosmopolitan and lots of good cafes and restaurants. Thanks for writing and sharing about your travels. I too have wanderlust and reading about your adventures has helped since it has been a while since I went anywhere.

  2. Edith,
    So glad to hear you made it safe! Enjoy my tiny country and come back safe!
    Please, as much as it would be great, forget Egypt right now…way too dangerous.
    Love you!

  3. Couch surfing! Love it. Have fun-!!
    Israel sounds incredibly interesting. I would be devastated to be so close to Egypt and not be able to go. I would be half tempted, but again I havent read any headlines in the last 48 hours. Be safe and I know you will do whats right.

  4. Be safe but enjoy, was glad to hear you had not gone to Egypt yet – was beginning to worry! Aunt Nancy

    PS We are bracing for another huge bliizzard (10-12 inches!) so palm trees etc sound really nice because we are really suffering from cabin fever here.

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