There and Back Again

Small Vineyard, Tsinandali, Georgia

To where you might ask? To Georgia, green and warm and bursting with grapes (I hope). Summer this time, which means I can finally visit the Black Sea and maybe take a mountain trek or two. Make sure no one screws up my project. Ah hem, sorry, make sure the ministry’s project stays on track. Here’s an optimistic portrayal of said project written by yours truly if you want to read about it in more detail. I’ll be back in Georgia for another three months again, yes, through Peace Corps Response.

So why am I going back? God, I don’t know. Because they asked. A moment of weakness. Because I wasn’t so sure any of the jobs I was applying for would work out and I didn’t want to spend the summer feeling sorry for myself. Because I wanted to keep traveling. Because I wanted to torture my mother by never, ever coming to get my crazy cat, Nico.  Because the writing rejection is much easier to take if I’m also doing something fun and useful. Because I liked Georgia and would like to see the project get funded and move forward. Because I need to prepare for the coming reality of the one job I have gotten—in the bucolic land of the Afghanis—and I figure Georgia’s minor civil unrest might be a nice stepping point.

Yes, seems that Afghanistan job sort of panned out after all although I am now awaiting a security clearance. Everyone keeps asking if I’m really going to go to Afghanistan and I point out that the clearance takes anywhere from three months to three years, so a lot will depend on that. And, yes, the idea is a little scary but in the end I figure it’s kind of like my view of meat: If you’re going to eat meat you should be capable of visiting a factory farm or slitting a cute little sheep’s throat. (I’d like to point out that I can’t do either of those). So if I’m American then I should be willing to see the reality of what’s happening over there. Maybe help in rebuilding the country.

But in the meantime, back to Georgia with only one regret—I’ll be missing my Peace Corps Suriname reunion this summer in northern California. I am sad about that.

3 Comments on “There and Back Again

  1. Ohhhh, Edith. I had quite an experience with my “Blogger” blog today. As you know your blog inspires me and I thought I would test the “blog” waters out. I started with WordPress, then you told me to check out “Blogger” too and so I wrote a little ditty (on Blogger) and before you know it, it was sent out en mass to my entire email address book. Freak me out. Thank god it wasnt crass or x-rated, or anything I would regret, but Im wondering did it go out to my real estate clients?? Hay caramba- so much I need to learn!!! (I definitely wont do that again!)
    Im so glad you are going back to Georgia! And I know you had a great time there the first time. And I know the food is great, and theres lots of terrain and history to explore. I bet theres some cute fellas there too! This is destiny my friend! You are a free spirit- ride the tides while you can- while the rest of us sit here and read your blog from our easychairs.
    Afghanistan? I hear from a former friend of mine that Bamiyan is super cool and worth checking out. Its where the tall budda statues were blown up a few years back. I saw pictures and it looks amazing, quiet and peaceful.
    All I can say is Im glad Im not your Mom. I bet she will need more support than you once you go there.
    I will be worried for you too, and at the same time super happy for you while you are living the life I can only dream of, but I know if you can survive Egypt you have some serious road smarts.
    Keep the blogs up and dont eat too many Georgia dumplings! Oooh la-la!
    Who knows, maybe your travel blog might become famous one day!
    Hugs- xoxoxoxo

  2. Wow, Edith, you never fail to surprise me! Georgia in summer sounds wonderful and good for you to keep busy and not let yourself get into a funk. Afghanistan, eh? Sooooooooo interesting. It’s funny how we think we’re headed in one direction and then end up on a totally different road in a different city (or country). Thanks for keeping us upated!

  3. Edith- I just realized (via Kiki) that you are not going to Afghanistan via Peace Corps. Many of your readers might be confused by this. What agency are you signing up with to go to Afghanistan?

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