A Wandering Tale

Monthly Archives: August 2011

Tomorrow I leave Tbilisi for Istanbul—by way of a 24-hour bus. I know. But it’s for the pure, torturous pleasure. Maybe see a bit of the countryside. Maybe get a blood clot. Save a few dollars. I had grand, semi-extensively, but very inefficiently researched plans (not my specialty) to make my way to Kars in eastern Turkey, see Ani (beautiful, ancient ruins) and then on to Istanbul by train. Life, however, conspired… Read More

Yeah, I’ve got them. Yeah, they itch. Let the shaming begin. I read shaming is what happens to people in New York when they get bed bugs. Didn’t think it would happen in Peace Corps, but apparently it does—yeah, I’m talking to you. You know who you are. (These former Soviet Republic Peace Corps Volunteers, with their paved roads and running water and electricity 24/7, they’ve got no idea what “real” Peace… Read More

Ended up here on a last-minute weekend trip and didn’t really know where I was going. The morning we visited the cave I thought we were going to see a dinosaur print (there is one nearby) and instead we ended up in this absolutely amazing cave. It’s just outside Kutaisi and takes nearly an hour to wander through and just gets better and better around every turn. And let’s not forget it… Read More