Travel Puzzle

I need some advice and support as I feel maybe I’m overindulging in the wanderlust this past year, especially in planning another 18 days of traveling post-Peace Corps Response. Is it wrong?

Possible travel areas.

But here’s the real issue. So I took cash-in-lieu of an airplane ticket (about $2,000) from Peace Corps and found a ticket from Frankfurt to Ft. Lauderdale on September 18th for $390. Seriously, $390! So I can visit in Miami for a week and then use American Airlines miles to get back to Portland. I leave Tbilisi on August 30th or 31st and head for Istanbul by plane or train (haven’t decided yet). I’ll spend maybe 5-7 days in Turkey and then what?

Option 1: I could take the train from Istanbul and see Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, (maybe a quick trip to Kraków, although I think that’s probably too much), maybe on Sept. 17th be in Munich for the opening day of Oktoberfest (you know, for the cultural part) and then on to Frankfurt to fly out. This route still gets me from Tbilisi to Portland for less than $1,000 and has lots of trains. And I do like trains.

Option 2: Post Istanbul to northern Greece to the Balkans—take a coastal bus from Tirana (Albania) to Dubrovnik (Croatia), maybe a side trip to Sarajevo, and then on to Slovenia and from there to Frankfurt by train or plane. I haven’t done as much research yet on this route but I think it might be a lot for only two weeks. Maybe cheaper than Option 1 though.

Option 3: Spend longer in Turkey, hopscotch my way through a couple Greek isles, plop myself down on a beach for a week or so (in the shade, of course) and then fly from Athens to Frankfurt the morning of the 18th. This option might be cheap or expensive depending on my accommodations, which are up in the air at the moment. And I have seen much of Greece already, which is something to consider….

So any recommendations? Have some vacation time and want to join? Or know anyone who might like to take me in along the way and show me around?

11 Comments on “Travel Puzzle

  1. I say do option #1! Oh I so WISH I could be a free spirit too! Enjoy your travels (I love reading your Blog!)


    • Id say option #1 too, but as long as you get to Turkey thats the important thing. No matter what route you take as long as you end up in Frankfurt for the $390 trip home is all that matters. Wing it!

  2. Would love you join you but we have lost so much of our staff we don’t know how we are going to make it through the year. I like the option #1 too.
    Love you,

    • Just a couple weeks he says. Not sure my temperament or bank account will allow me to play that long, but one never knows. When will you two be there?

  3. Follow your heart, but if you take option one I have a really good friend just south of Budapest (we have been studying the wine world together 🙂 and if he is in the neighborhood he and/or his family might entertain??? Love ya, Aunt Nancy

    PS No guilt, a new/old socioeconomic paradigm is in the works anyway……….

  4. I agree with the general concensus. Option #1. Can’t wait to see you in MIA. Take lots of pics 🙂

    • Doesn’t necessarily let you off the hook for the visit though. I’ll let you know once I have a plane ticket bought.

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