Sataplia Cave, Sataplia Nature Reserve

Ended up here on a last-minute weekend trip and didn’t really know where I was going. The morning we visited the cave I thought we were going to see a dinosaur print (there is one nearby) and instead we ended up in this absolutely amazing cave. It’s just outside Kutaisi and takes nearly an hour to wander through and just gets better and better around every turn. And let’s not forget it has magical healing powers too.

Click here for a friend’s blog with more information about the cave and nature reserve. Note: I had to lighten all these as there was no flash allowed.

Sataplia Cave

Sataplia Cave Pool

Sataplia Cave

Sataplia Cave

Sataplia Cave

Sataplia Cave

10 Comments on “Sataplia Cave, Sataplia Nature Reserve

  1. When Landon gets his first computer, you will have to put a bunch of your pics on his screen saver so he knows all of the places in the world that Auntie Dee travels to, and therefore himself be inspired to travel.

  2. I’ll just steal him away to come with me (to the safe places, of course). That’s what aunts are for, right?

  3. Was there empty beer cans and spray paint on the walls like in American caves?

    • Nope, this place had just opened to the public and was pristine. You have to go in with a group and a guide. There’s a statue of a man when you leave the cave who they said guarded the cave all thru their “transition” years to protect it.

  4. Oliver loved this Edith, he is very into caves. We missed you in the Redwoods!

    • Wish I could have been there for the reunion, but loved the photos Jeanine sent out. You all look great and I absolutely can’t believe how big Oliver is. I know logically how old he is, but still….

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