If you ever visit Petra….

You must stay with Ghassab. Nice story about his couch surfing cave in Petra on CNN.com (see below). You can read about my visit here.

Couch surfing a cave in southern Jordan
By Alex Pena, Fri May 11, 2012

Petra, Jordan (CNN) — In front of a cave deep in the monochromatic sandstone canyons of Petra, in southern Jordan, sits a bright pink 1982 Jeep Wrangler. The vehicle’s owner, Ghassab Al-Bedouine, calls it the couch surfing flag. Al-Bedouine, 42, sports long black dreadlocks to his shoulders rather than the traditional Jordanian headdress. He was dressed, during this cave surfer’s visit, in a pair of patched-up denim jeans. Read the CNN story.

Our Bedouin cave, home for five days

2 Comments on “If you ever visit Petra….

  1. Saw this today on facebook, Now the guy is world famous! What a great story. I didnt realize he was born in the cave. Love it!

    • I think most from his generation and earlier were probably born in caves. But most of them were removed from the caves directly in Petra in the 1980s to protect the archaeological site and given land in a nearby village. We saw some families still living in Petra though.

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