The Cheese is Dead

Growing up I never considered myself particularly American. I’d spent my early years on a commune in Tennessee and then moved to Miami, a city where the majority of residents are born outside the country. It wasn’t until my twenties, when I moved abroad, that I realized I was undeniably, culturally American. But then most of my life story (utopia, immigration) had actually been very much on point for the cultural archetype of the American Dream.

But what does this mean for advertising and marketing you might ask?

The Dream is the subconscious “cultural code” for America, similar to Joseph Campbell’s idea of universal archetypes within the world’s myths. This is according to a book called the Culture Code by a French man, Clotaire Rapaille. Rapaille researches and uses the unconscious meanings we apply to certain words, our emotional connection to things, to relationships, and uses them to sell us products, experiences, and even people. The idea of the American Dream might seem obvious, but then so too does the connection between marketing and emotions. And yet it works, even when we know.

Read full blog on Novel Adventurers. And remember this does not apply to my own book, which you should definitely buy on January 16, 2013.

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