Cover Design For Monkey Love and Murder

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The cover for Monkey Love and Murder arrived today. I’ve been sitting with it awhile, not sure how I feel. I don’t hate it, which is helpful, as I don’t think I have much say in changing it at this point. I’ll probably just have to let it sink in a bit longer. I do like the texture…and it does fit the mystery.

I had a similar feeling when I found out the book was finally going to be published—not so much joy as, oh s*@t this means people might actually read it now. Judge it. What if they hate it? Worse, what if they think, All those years and this is it? Then during the editing process I began to worry about all the things I’d gotten wrong, mistakes I could no longer change.

It was a surprising feeling after trying to get the book published for so many years. And annoying that I couldn’t enjoy it right away. I began to see how artists become neurotic and needy.

But I read the book again, after over a year or more since I’d last picked it up, and realized I did like it, regardless of the hundreds of agents who didn’t. And then I heard Jan Burke speak at a mystery conference. She mentioned that people get scientifically identifiable bursts of pleasure in pointing out others mistakes, so when readers gleefully point out problem areas in her books she just figures she’s spreading a lot of pleasure around the world.

I felt better. Who doesn’t want to spread pleasure around the world?

So feel free to chime in with comments on the cover—good and bad. Also, I have the publishing date: January 16, 2013. Mom and Aunt Mary, you get signed copies as a birthday gift. Everyone else must buy! And leave nice ratings on Amazon…and like my Facebook page…and website…all coming soon.

26 Comments on “Cover Design For Monkey Love and Murder

  1. Yay! Great birthday present, Edith! We other writers are soooo happy for you! And as your Auntie, I’m so very proud, too.
    Aunt Mary

  2. I am not sure why you don’t like the cover. I like the feeling it gives. An adventure/ mystery some where in the Congo, deep in the jungle… or something like that. I know it must be nerve racking. My advice to you is to remember that people will judge either way. (remind me of this when is my turn.. jijijiji)
    Enjoy the ride!
    And congratulations on this great achievement!


  3. I think the cover is fabulous! I’m intrigued as to the story now! BIG CONGRATS, Edith!!! Definitely very exciting!! 🙂


    • Thanks, Vanessa. You next! Maybe a book on vintage styling??? I love your new blog.

      • You’re a doll! Thank you! I’m currently working on my memoir. May need a reader or two (*wink*) Later, I’d like to write a “how to” on vintage fashion, yes! 🙂


        • I’d be happy to read. I got a great chapter for my second book from your “stories” at Christmas.

      • OH NO! You have one of the most fabulous names I’ve known! “McClintock” is a name I think anyone would be glad to have, and “Edith” sounds intelligent, observant and strong. It already sounds like a pen name!

  4. I like it! The continent of South America in the background, the machete (yeah, could be bigger or scarier but thats OK) the color and texture are nice! Its got texture. Best of all its got YOUR NAME in big freakin letters! Thats the best part of all! xoxoxo

  5. I like it! and I’m excited that the creature is embodying and coming out!
    I’ll reserve a copy as soon as that is possible. Congratulations Edith!

  6. I like it alot, the cover that is…that negative emotion you feel is just the Schneider-Melise Swiss-Italian perfectionism-drama… Aunt Nancy

    • We need to sit down and review the Melise history when I come through town next. Still working on Grandpa Joe’s brother’s history in Idaho. doesn’t have the 1940 census for Idaho available yet, but soon.

      • Aunt Nancy needs to teach a class in this Schneider-Melise syndrome…. I think I caught it too. Or is it genetic? Either way, sounds deadly.

        • I know, sounds very official and logical and she’s got a PhD (yes? or soon?) and all now so she absolutely knows what she’s talking about.

  7. Terrell and I like it! Intriguing and good color! (All of my friends are getting IOUs for Christmas gifts this year.)

  8. It’s all been said, but I love it too, and I mean it. I’m very critical of covers but was relieved to see they did justice to yours. Great color, great texture. And I love your honesty about the rollercoaster of emotions. I suspected that would be the case. And most important, you’re one of my favorite writers. I can’t wait to read this book and pay for it too. May it be as successful as you are talented, Edith.

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