One year, three months, and 24 days later

Or something like that. Yes, I’ve finally settled on a job, and believe me, it’s been a testament in patience, or at least being open to having no idea where I’ll be in a month or two, much less a year or a lifetime. Which I haven’t particularly minded—it’s given me time to write and travel, spend time with my new niece and adorably-chatty-these-days nephew, and it’s not like a reliable knowledge of my near future is going to change any time soon.

For a long period, I forgot I’d even applied since I didn’t hear anything for nearly seven months. I was preparing to take another job, considering staying in Portland. But the roll of the dice came, so now I’m moving eastward again, three years since leaving Miami, another epic cross-country trek on the horizon.

Unlike the last time, when I went cheap, packing and unloading my worldly belongings four times (apartment to U-haul, U-haul to shipping crate, shipping crate to U-haul, U-haul to storage), twice in the ungodly heat of Miami, by now I’ve downsized said worldly belongings by nearly a forth. Most of what’s left is still in boxes. However, I’ve been told I’m not allowed to pack my own boxes, much less move a 500 pound convertible couch under the boiling sun (although the couch is long gone). Someone will pack for me. And move up to 18,000 pounds—a bit over the 100 pounds Peace Corps allows for two plus years.

Yes, it’s a different world I enter. Not that I’m at all complaining. And I think I’m old enough my character is likely to survive the bubble world—an indictment I’ve heard more than a time or two.

I’ve taken a job with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as an environmental officer. It’s career foreign service, which means I’ll do five weeks of training in D.C. followed by rotations in the USAID D.C. offices and language training based on my first assignment abroad—which I may not know straightaway. I could be in D.C. anywhere from three months to a year. Then I’ll do my first two-year post abroad, at the end of which I’ll have to pass the language requirements to gain tenure and decide if I want to move on to a new country.

And for a miscellaneous closing, I’m thinking of driving the northern route through Idaho, the Dakotas and Minneapolis (Bobbie and Patrick, you around in late September?), since I’ve never been, then maybe down to Missouri to see family if there is time and on to D.C. Also, in the near future, I may password protect some blogs, so become a subscriber (enter your email in the subscription box above) and you won’t miss anything. And if you want to read about Georgia’s reigning saints (and I know you do), I have a new blog up today on Novel Adventurers.

12 Comments on “One year, three months, and 24 days later

  1. I hear FL is on the way to DC 😉 So glad for you, and I definitely laughed when I read about the 18,000 pounds. Wow! AND Congrats about your progress with your writings/books as well!

    • I know, singles and families apparently get treated the same. Maybe me and my baby grand will travel the world.

  2. Yay! I’m so happy and excited for you, Edith. We’re lucky to have you working for us abroad! Much love,
    Aunt Mary

  3. Edith, This is awesome for you. My dad used to work for AID for several years and then he was with one of the agencies that was contracted by them to implement projects in El Salvador, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador. I can see you really doing great in this new adventure. Good luck with everything.

  4. bravo edith, your steady dedication is both inspiring + comforting.

  5. Edith, I am so happy for you. This is like Peace Corps on steroids. A perfect match for you. Cant wait to come and visit you (in DC and wherever else you end up!). Keep the blogs coming! xo

  6. Hi EO, great that this is all coming together… Everyone in my Department is connected in some way or the other with AID…so keep in touch… PS You know we have cousins on that route through Northern Idaho? and Grandpa Joe was born there also – if you mean the Sourthern Idaho route check in for recommended sites…..Aunt Nancy

    • I was going to try and stop in Wallace, Idaho and thought it would be fun to stay at the Jameson Inn, as it seems that is where grandpa’s uncle, John (Giovanni) Melise (Melesi) (???) was living as a border at the time of the 1940 census (not sure if it was a brothel at that time or earlier)–and it is also supposed to be haunted. But seems like it has recently closed. Do we have cousins in Wallace or elsewhere?

  7. You definitely live an exciting life! Patrick and Oliver will not be around September 20-24 and we have a family reunion 28-30 but we would love to see you so if you can come before, between or after let us know.

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