Book Giveaway, Inauguration and More

I am going to get back to travel blogging one day soon, maybe even write something up about living in D.C.

But in the meantime, it’s book promotion time, or so my sister keeps telling me, so I’m giving away two autographed Monkey Love and Murder promotional books over the next couple of weeks to a random selection of people (pulled from a hat?) who already like/ and or will like my Facebook Author Page and Amazon pages between now and January 31st. I’m also doing guest blogs, so let me know if you have one or recommend one. I did one today for The Displaced Nation blog about writing muses. Or that was the idea–I may have gone a little dark.

Or for those of you who want to help with promotion, ten bonus points and undying friendship if you call your local library and ask them to buy the book (this one inspired by Michelle). Or even better, have your book club buy and read the book (this one inspired by Kiki, who understands this promotional business better) and/or ask your local library to carry it and then have your book club read it. Hope that makes sense.

Or any other promotional ideas you can think of, let me know.

Winners will be announced everywhere. And I’m open to shipping anywhere in the world.

Also, below are a few photos from the Inauguration on Monday (bonus of living in D.C. for a bit–it was pretty amazing).


Through security but waiting for presidential limo (and extensive escort) to pass on way to Capitol. Not for the claustrophobic, but generally the crowd flow went well. Glad I didn’t have to enter the metro afterward though.


We could see the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir–the red helped–but not much below.


So we located ourselves strategically next to a big screen, a semi-undercover security duo (we did have my niece with us after all), and the porta potties (because that’s just good planning).


Looking backwards to the Washington Monument and 800,000 plus people.

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    • I think it would be great. I’m going to ask my publisher about the e-version today.

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