Another Nice Review!

I just received another nice review, this one from one of the largest online review sites, which specializes in mysteries, Review the Evidence. Thank you, Lourdes!

“If this debut novel by Edith McClintock comes across as realistic, it’s because the author experienced the setting and situations – if not the murders – in the book. The protagonist, 25-year-old Emma Parks, has just completed a stint in the Peace Corps when she signs up for six months in a Suriname rainforest, studying monkeys (much like McClintock, who did the very same).

McClintock does a wonderful job describing spider monkeys, poisonous caterpillars, and an Amazon river filled with piranhas and anacondas. Just as dangerous are the other workers with the International Wildlife Conservation. They are constantly at odds with each other, and Emma finds herself an outsider most of the time (a budding romance, however, lightens the book a bit).”

Read the rest by Lourdes Venard at Review the Evidence.

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    • Me too. Wish I could stay longer, but you’ll just have to come up for a visit this summer.

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