I was born in a school bus in the Tennessee woods on the largest commune to come out of the sixties, and moved to downtown Miami in the early eighties, during the days of the Mariel Boatlift and Cocaine Cowboys. I spent over twenty-five years in Miami, including several swings through Miami government, the setting for my second mystery.

Although a lifelong reading addict, I didn’t write fiction until post–Peace Corps, when I joined a monkey research project deep in the Amazon. Trapped in a tiny jungle cabin for six months, there was little to do but imagine creative ways to kill off my fellow researchers, the setting of my first novel, Monkey Love and Murder, which as published in 2013.

When not writing mysteries, I work in the conservation and development field and blog about traveling. I’m a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime and represented by Bob Mecoy of Creative Book Services.

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  1. What a wonderful adventure and journey your life is! Love your writings……

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  3. Hi Edith

    Tom and I can hardly wait to read your book. Huge congratulations! – Bev & Tom Casey