Monkey Love and Murder

My first mystery—OK, my first book, or given the years of drafts my 300th book—Monkey Love and Murder, was published in 2013. It’s a humorous mystery with a little romance and an exotic setting. And lots of monkeys. Here’s the blurb:

Emma Parks joins a monkey research project deep in the South American rainforest on a whim. She refuses to admit it might have something to do with a close friend’s death from which she hasn’t recovered, but it’s certainly not because she knows anything about spider monkeys, least of all what they look like. She’s barely arrived when International Wildlife Conservation’s renowned director drowns during a party celebrating the group’s controversial takeover of the park. Tension mounts following the machete murder of a researcher, threatening Emma’s budding primatology career, her secret romance with an Australian zoologist, and more importantly—her life.

It’s available  on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and the Book Depository (free shipping anywhere in world), so go order!

While you’re waiting for your copy to arrive, you can download the first chapter or explore my website (aka the information dump I wasn’t allowed to give you in a fiction book. I recommend the video links on ARKive with cute baby monkeys).

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DOWNLOAD the first chapter of Monkey Love and Murder.

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