In Georgia the Supra is both a feast and a cultural tradition. I had the pleasure of attending two Supras this past week. One was American, otherwise known as Thanksgiving. The second was Georgian and I’m still not sure I’ve fully recovered. An early Thanksgiving celebration is a Peace Corps tradition here during the November in-service training as it’s the only time all year when everyone is together. Unfortunately I was sick… Read More

In all my imaging of problems I might encounter, from the stress of living with an unknown family, to the difficulties of working within a former Soviet bureaucracy, I never once considered cigarette smoke. It permeates everything here and seems inescapable, from the hotel where we stayed the first few days, to the Ministry where I’ll be working, which is supposedly smoke free, but isn’t, to my host family, where everyone over… Read More

As most of you know, my leave date was delayed until Oct. 24th. I was perfectly happy since it’s given me more time to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather here in the northwest and, more critical, find a real winter coat. I was having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of real winter while packing the first round, especially having to get around without a car and work in… Read More