My blog Today on Novel Adventurers: I like mysteries. That seems self-evident given I also write them. But the mystery I’m most interested in at the moment isn’t fiction. It’s an American historical mystery—a lost immigrant story that unfolded in turn-of-the-century Idaho. Last year I posted a blog about my great-uncle who lived in Deadwood during the gold rush of the late 1800s, as well as a family tree I pieced together that stretched… Read More

A few videos from my recent trip to Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. It was amazing. Beyond amazing. Words cannot describe. It must be experienced in person. It’s the Susa Group (Dian Fossey studied the group; there are twins) and the baby is the cutest: A close encounter: Watch the leg chop (and me getting a little scared!):

We’re blogging about pop culture on Novel Adventurers this week and my contribution is the telenovela: I like my entertainment soapy—romance, drama, intrigue!—as does much of the world. I figure this is a good thing. It’s easier to connect with people, easier to find amusement, easier to translate between cultures. Certainly easier to survive three months living with a Georgian family, especially when 90 percent of the time we had no common… Read More