A Wandering Tale


I fell in love with Georgian folk dance by accident. I’d just arrived in the country during my first visit, and was invited to attend a kids’ dance recital. The day turned epic, culminating in an eleven hour supra (feast), but that’s a different story. Before the supra, we attended what turned out to be a national youth festival of Georgian folk dance, with kids from all over the country demonstrating their regional traditions. Despite the… Read More

Georgians widely, one might even say universally, claim their homeland as the birthplace of winemaking. And there is strong evidence for their pride, particularly for the southern Caucuses region as a whole. The earliest known winery was recently discovered in Armenia, with a wine press, fermentation vats, storage jars, grape seeds, and vines dating from the Copper Age. The oldest known evidence of wine was found in Iran’s Zagos Mountains dating back… Read More

Yeah, I’ve got them. Yeah, they itch. Let the shaming begin. I read shaming is what happens to people in New York when they get bed bugs. Didn’t think it would happen in Peace Corps, but apparently it does—yeah, I’m talking to you. You know who you are. (These former Soviet Republic Peace Corps Volunteers, with their paved roads and running water and electricity 24/7, they’ve got no idea what “real” Peace… Read More