A Wandering Tale


Georgians widely, one might even say universally, claim their homeland as the birthplace of winemaking. And there is strong evidence for their pride, particularly for the southern Caucuses region as a whole. The earliest known winery was recently discovered in Armenia, with a wine press, fermentation vats, storage jars, grape seeds, and vines dating from the Copper Age. The oldest known evidence of wine was found in Iran’s Zagos Mountains dating back… Read More

In Georgia the Supra is both a feast and a cultural tradition. I had the pleasure of attending two Supras this past week. One was American, otherwise known as Thanksgiving. The second was Georgian and I’m still not sure I’ve fully recovered. An early Thanksgiving celebration is a Peace Corps tradition here during the November in-service training as it’s the only time all year when everyone is together. Unfortunately I was sick… Read More