A Wandering Tale


A week late for the 20th anniversary of Andrew, I know, but I’ve had hurricane on the brain this week too, so I wrote about Andrew for my blog on Novel Adventurers. Growing up in Miami in the ’80s, hurricanes were like the boy who cried wolf—forever threatening, but never delivering. I associated them strictly with a day off from school. An afternoon tropical storm often seemed more threatening than a hurricane…. Read More

My favorite memories from living and working in the Suriname rainforest are of wildlife. A brilliant slash of red signaling a scarlet macaw darting through the jungle canopy. Giant Tegu lizards scattering for cover. Green iguanas fighting for food in our compost pile. Capuchin monkeys leaping and twisting and swinging playfully on the forest floor. One of my least favorite memories, however, was riding an old, U-Haul type truck from the interior… Read More