A Wandering Tale


I arrived back at my sister’s house late last night after 24-hours of travel with no sleep, but woke up when she brought my nephew in this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I ate a massive breakfast then had a long, wonderfully delicious hot bath and managed to remove several layers of Jordanian sand from my fingernails. But I still need to tell you about Jordan. I’m way behind……. Read More

I’ve never been particularly interested in visiting Israel. Or at least not as a priority. I always thought I’d visit some day in the distant future with my friend Dafna, who’s Israeli, or go in my “old age”, particularly if I ever found religion. Despite the constant barrage of negative news, I’ve always pictured Israel as a safe place to travel. Maybe too safe, maybe overrun with elderly tour groups. When I… Read More

I finished my PCR project on Thursday in a rush of activity and I think it all worked out well. I finished the environmental education program, a school-based Eco Club program and it will likely be funded. I also developed an environmental education strategy with recommendations for future training, projects and PCR is going to advertise for 5 new Response volunteers this summer to continue the process–so PC friends, if you want… Read More