A Wandering Tale


I was supposed to write a blog reviewing a movie or book, etc. last week for Novel Adventurers, but since I haven’t had much time for anything beyond moving to D.C., work, and apartment hunting, I just reviewed my life over the past month. So if you’ve been wondering whether I’m surviving my return to life in a bureaucracy, or would like to hear about the crazy Georgetown lady who threatened to suffocate my… Read More

Or something like that. Yes, I’ve finally settled on a job, and believe me, it’s been a testament in patience, or at least being open to having no idea where I’ll be in a month or two, much less a year or a lifetime. Which I haven’t particularly minded—it’s given me time to write and travel, spend time with my new niece and adorably-chatty-these-days nephew, and it’s not like a reliable knowledge… Read More