A Wandering Tale


The 26-hour bus from Tbilisi to Istanbul was probably the nicest I’ve been on, with coffee and tea service, a TV at each seat, and regular stops at full service restaurants, several of them owned by the bus company, Metro. The most difficult part was crossing the border between Sarpi, Georgia and Hopa, Turkey and even that was a minor annoyance. Several long-haul buses arrived at the same time and we all… Read More

Tomorrow I leave Tbilisi for Istanbul—by way of a 24-hour bus. I know. But it’s for the pure, torturous pleasure. Maybe see a bit of the countryside. Maybe get a blood clot. Save a few dollars. I had grand, semi-extensively, but very inefficiently researched plans (not my specialty) to make my way to Kars in eastern Turkey, see Ani (beautiful, ancient ruins) and then on to Istanbul by train. Life, however, conspired… Read More

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to my return to Georgia. Not because I didn’t enjoy my time here over the winter, but because once I knew I had a “definite” job I thought it would be nice to enjoy a lazy Northwest summer filled with hiking, camping, and rafting trips—with lots of writing and playing with my nephew in-between. But that said, it feels really nice to be back. Tbilisi is attractive… Read More