A Wandering Tale


Or something like that. Yes, I’ve finally settled on a job, and believe me, it’s been a testament in patience, or at least being open to having no idea where I’ll be in a month or two, much less a year or a lifetime. Which I haven’t particularly minded—it’s given me time to write and travel, spend time with my new niece and adorably-chatty-these-days nephew, and it’s not like a reliable knowledge… Read More

I need some advice and support as I feel maybe I’m overindulging in the wanderlust this past year, especially in planning another 18 days of traveling post-Peace Corps Response. Is it wrong? But here’s the real issue. So I took cash-in-lieu of an airplane ticket (about $2,000) from Peace Corps and found a ticket from Frankfurt to Ft. Lauderdale on September 18th for $390. Seriously, $390! So I can visit in Miami… Read More

I visited the Tbilisi Doll Museum partly for the kitsch and partly because I’d passed it so many times when I was here in winter it’s colorful balconies were deeply ingrained in my memory. Based on my visit to the natural history museum in Borjormi, I was expecting a dark, damp, creepy space overcrowded with Chucky-like dolls, white eyes rolling and bright, pink cheeks curved in evil grins. But it’s nothing like… Read More