A Wandering Tale


To where you might ask? To Georgia, green and warm and bursting with grapes (I hope). Summer this time, which means I can finally visit the Black Sea and maybe take a mountain trek or two. Make sure no one screws up my project. Ah hem, sorry, make sure the ministry’s project stays on track. Here’s an optimistic portrayal of said project written by yours truly if you want to read about… Read More

We were deep in Jordan, staying in the cave in Wadi Musa when Mubarak finally abdicated. But by then I’d already switched my flight home from Cairo to Amman and Shawn had made plans to meet up with his girlfriend in Istanbul. It wasn’t until the day I was supposed to fly home that we decided to go on to Egypt instead. We heard it was safe again and we were there,… Read More

I arrived back at my sister’s house late last night after 24-hours of travel with no sleep, but woke up when she brought my nephew in this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I ate a massive breakfast then had a long, wonderfully delicious hot bath and managed to remove several layers of Jordanian sand from my fingernails. But I still need to tell you about Jordan. I’m way behind……. Read More