A Wandering Tale


I’ve never been particularly interested in visiting Israel. Or at least not as a priority. I always thought I’d visit some day in the distant future with my friend Dafna, who’s Israeli, or go in my “old age”, particularly if I ever found religion. Despite the constant barrage of negative news, I’ve always pictured Israel as a safe place to travel. Maybe too safe, maybe overrun with elderly tour groups. When I… Read More

I finished my PCR project on Thursday in a rush of activity and I think it all worked out well. I finished the environmental education program, a school-based Eco Club program and it will likely be funded. I also developed an environmental education strategy with recommendations for future training, projects and PCR is going to advertise for 5 new Response volunteers this summer to continue the process–so PC friends, if you want… Read More

My paternal grandmother had it. My paternal aunt too. My father. So it runs in the family, this need to wander. But I think I have it worse. I can’t remember ever not having it. I talk about it like an addiction because for years that’s how it felt. The downside was clear even at the age of ten. We’d just moved to downtown Miami and were in the pathway of MIA…. Read More