A Wandering Tale


Cappadocia, famous for its spectacular rock formations and ancient cave churches, was one of my favorite spots in Turkey. And as the birthplace of Saint Nino, who according to legend brought Christianity to Georgia, I had to visit, even if it meant two overnight bus trips. I was traveling alone at this point, but picked up some fellow travelers at the Göreme Open Air Museum for hiking. Note to solo female travelers: do not… Read More

The day before Angie headed back to Istanbul, we rented a car to explore the ancient ruins of Priene, Miletus, and Didyma, scattered along the Turkish Aegean coast. Despite the extreme sticker shock of a full tank of gas, it was one of our nicest days. Free to wander (and on my part wanting to use up all that expensive gas we’d just bought), we decided to take a detour and follow a… Read More

When Angie arrived in Istanbul our travel plans were still unsettled as she was coming out of one of our war-torn regions and didn’t know her arrival date until the last-minute, nor did she have a ticket home. We’d emailed about traveling through Eastern Europe since I’d found several cheap flights home from Germany, but decided once she arrived to stay in Turkey, which was definitely the right decision. Unfortunately I’d packed… Read More