A Wandering Tale


Tomorrow I leave Tbilisi for Istanbul—by way of a 24-hour bus. I know. But it’s for the pure, torturous pleasure. Maybe see a bit of the countryside. Maybe get a blood clot. Save a few dollars. I had grand, semi-extensively, but very inefficiently researched plans (not my specialty) to make my way to Kars in eastern Turkey, see Ani (beautiful, ancient ruins) and then on to Istanbul by train. Life, however, conspired… Read More

I need some advice and support as I feel maybe I’m overindulging in the wanderlust this past year, especially in planning another 18 days of traveling post-Peace Corps Response. Is it wrong? But here’s the real issue. So I took cash-in-lieu of an airplane ticket (about $2,000) from Peace Corps and found a ticket from Frankfurt to Ft. Lauderdale on September 18th for $390. Seriously, $390! So I can visit in Miami… Read More