A Wandering Tale


It’s not online yet, but nice review coming from Library Journal Review on 1/1/13: “This romantic-suspense debut is perfect for those seeking adventure mixed in with their mystery. McClintock creates a vivid jungle environment, a perfect venue for a closed-room mystery.” And it’s only $19.46 from the Book Depository with free worldwide shipping.

I’ve been worried I wouldn’t get any reviews. Or worse, that they might be bad. But my first one is in, from Kirkus Reviews, and no matter what comes next today I’m happy, happy, happy! The review won’t be published until I think early November, but here it is: Kirkus Reviews 11/15/12 “This debut from McClintock has the ring of authenticity, along with romance and a mystery that keeps you guessing.” MONKEY LOVE… Read More

The cover for Monkey Love and Murder arrived today. I’ve been sitting with it awhile, not sure how I feel. I don’t hate it, which is helpful, as I don’t think I have much say in changing it at this point. I’ll probably just have to let it sink in a bit longer. I do like the texture…and it does fit the mystery. I had a similar feeling when I found out… Read More